Best Types of Jobs for Massage Therapy Students

Massage therapy students can benefit greatly from taking a part-time job that will provide real-world work experience to compliment their studies. Any job that concerns human anatomy and physiology, massage therapy benefits, the benefits of relaxation, or the effects of long-term muscle tension can be important in the massage therapist’s career. This is especially true for students who intend to specialize in sports massage or medical massage.

Ideally, students can find work in a general massage therapy clinic. While students are not yet qualified to perform body work on clients, understanding the inner workings of a massage clinic are important in becoming a successful professional massage therapist. Alternatively, sports therapists can benefit from working as an assistant for a sports team or for a sports massage therapist.  To determine which jobs are best for students in a massage therapy school, we need only to explore the desirable traits of a massage therapist and then choose occupations that build these characteristics.

Great Traits for Massage Therapists

According to Massage Envy, a leading massage therapy clinic in the United States, there are certain ‘desirable traits’ found in a professional massage therapist:

“Successful therapists will tell you that choosing a great working environment, like Massage Envy, is the first important step in becoming a successful massage therapist.  You will want a massage job that allows you to work within your physical abilities, offers flexible schedules to meet your personal needs, and supports you in the process by honing your skills.  Seasoned Massage Therapists also agree that having a positive attitude and the points listed below will contribute to your success in this profession:

  • Have a passion for helping others through massage therapy
  • Be comfortable recommending frequency of massage to clients
  • Practice self care, proper body mechanics and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Participate in continued education to broaden knowledge and massage therapy techniques
  • Maintain ethical standards and professional boundaries with clients at all times
  • Be flexible with client requests
  • Network with other therapeutic practitioners in the field
  • Have professional business cards available at all times
  • Stay current on events within the health and wellness industry
  • Have a referral program
  • Provide surveys and feedback forms
  • Incorporate personal touches. (i.e., thank you cards and special occasion cards)
  • Subscribe to massage therapy magazines and newsletters
  • Join local organizations promoting massage therapy
  • Be service-minded, ambitious and professional.
  • Work within your capabilities and limitations
  • Utilize good communication skills and active listening practices”

Therefore, jobs that integrate these elements will be a great fit for massage therapy students. These might include:

Counselor – (Build on passion for helping others and compassion.)

Massage Clinic – (Build network and knowledge of massage frequency and effectiveness.)

Writer – (Build on knowledge of industry news, be a subject expert.)

For the purpose of building a solid resume for immediate use after college graduation, also consider volunteer opportunities. Work with local organizations, volunteer at medical centers, and donate your time to writing for student publications.