Career Perks: Massage Therapy Classes for Resort Employment

There a many areas of industry in which massage therapy school graduates can explore and enter into the workforce. Students who have the desire to work in the vacation and resort industries are rewarded for their hard work and long hours with unique perks they won’t find working in a regular massage clinic or spa.

Resort massage therapist have to go through the same training as all other students, but may want to look into specialty massage classes that are focused on providing recreational massages and relaxation modalities in addition to the regular courses of study. Spas are another winner among aspiring massage therapists. Some estimates say that up to 50% of the money earned at a spa comes from massage services, so there is a definite demand for graduates in that industry. Spa therapies certification can be earned in addition to the general massage therapy diploma, an advanced degree, or during the course of earning a degree or diploma.

Perk number one is happier clients. Working at a spa is a lot like working at a massage clinic. The primary difference is atmosphere. Spas are places where people go to unwind and relax; just walking into a spa and realizing that you are about to receive relaxation services is enough to get you in a better mood on its own. In contrast, massage therapy clinics offer therapeutic services and tend to draw in people who are in pain and have injuries. They know that the massage will be great for them in the future, but for now they are in pain or uncomfortable. They may be coming in for deep tissue massage or other painful muscle manipulation.

Another career perk if you choose to take classes that specialize in resort and spa massage is amenities. Massage therapists who work on cruise ships, for example, may be quartered in the employee bunks, but they get to experience the ports and they get to mingle with new people all the time. Of course there are rules for employees no matter where you choose to work, but the natural beauty and festivities of cruising passengers makes the job pleasurable for many people.

Vacation resort destinations hold the same promise of nice atmosphere and pretty scenery, but tend to carry some other perks such as deep discounts to attractions and hotel services, on site housing and recreation access, and pleasing working conditions. Student who specialize in spa massage therapy classes, including alternative techniques such as acupuncture, have a better chance at landing resort jobs. Experience and you massage therapy school focus can truly set you apart from competing employees, so working in a clinical setting may be required before applying to one of these dream jobs.


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    Career Perks: Massage Therapy Classes for Resort Employment…

    Spa and resort careers can offer various perks to students who take specialty massage therapy classes….