Earning an Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy School

Massage therapy schools offering an associate’s degree in massage therapy provide students the ability to learn in-depth knowledge and modalities that are not typically taught in certificate programs. Massage therapy programs at an accredited school prepare students for a lucrative career in massage therapy at spas, clinics, and private practices.

There are nearly 100 modalities of massage therapy being practiced in the United States today, so there are no shortages of information that can make up the program curriculum in massage therapy schools. Earning an associate’s degree will allow students to explore many of these techniques, as well as learn the basics of massage and the human body. With more time spent in school, students are able to choose interesting elective courses and learn the ancient Eastern philosophies of massage, in addition to practical skills for use when first graduating with the degree.

In basic classes at massage therapy school, students learn all about the human body. Kinesiology (the study of muscles) and anatomy are two core components of all types of massage therapy, so these classes are typically taught alongside other classes at the beginning of any massage therapy degree program. How the muscles move, where they are located, and the other parts of the body to which they are connected significantly impact the type of massage technique that can be used in massaging a particular muscle or muscle group.

It is the intention of most massage therapists to make their clients feel better and walk away feeling relaxed and refreshed. However, it is easy to cause pain and tenderness when executing certain types of massages, so it is important to understand how physical condition, age, and medical conditions will impact a person’s massage experience. Massage therapy classes cover these topics with students so that they are prepared for massage therapy on any client, regardless of their condition.

Associate degree programs at most massage therapy schools will also include fundamental liberal art classes, such as math and English, as required by the state. Overall, massage therapy classes will focus on the healing arts, massage therapy philosophy and history, as well as technique. Following graduation at a massage therapy school, students are required to take a state and national exam to become licensed to practice in their state.

Career opportunities for massage therapist with an associate’s degree include starting a business, working in a massage clinic, spa, or vacation resort. There is also a need for qualified massage therapy graduates at sports centers, wellness centers, hospitals, elderly homes, and many other health institutions. Earning an associate’s degree from an accredited massage therapy school makes the student qualified for a vast number of occupations in a related field.


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    Earning an Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy School…

    Earning an associate’s degree at a massage therapy school allows graduates more opportunities in the health community….