Highest Paid Types of Massage Therapists

With a few exceptions, the types of massage therapists that are earning the highest wages in the industry are those that specialize in medical massage and sports massage. Medical massage therapy treatment is a relatively new form of massage therapy when it comes to mainstream medicine. While massage has always been regarded as a means of healing all types of illnesses in Eastern cultures, Western medical communities are now beginning to embrace the benefits of massage.

With reports from the American Massage Therapy Association and clinical research throughout the health industry showing that massage is valuable in the treatment of cancer, hypertension and other illnesses, more massage therapy schools are offering specialized training.

According to Allsalarydata.com, “On May 2010, a mean annual wage of $39,770 was reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the 60,040 people employed in this field. The lowest ten percent of earners received an average annual wage of $17,970, the middle 50 percent earned $34,900, and an average annual wage of $69,000 was paid to the top ten percent of earners in this field.

The personal care services industry had the highest employment levels in this field. Many massage therapists also found work in the industries of traveler accommodation, recreation and amusement other than theme parks, and the offices of physicians and other health practitioners. Specialty hospitals other than substance abuse and psychiatric hospitals were the top paying industry, featuring an annual mean wage of $55,020. Dentist offices, junior colleges, nursing care facilities, and general surgical and medical hospitals were other high paying industries.”

Allied health industries related to massage therapy also present higher paying jobs for therapists who choose to become specialized therapists:

“Chiropractors, physical therapists, and athletic trainers provide services similar to those offered by massage therapists. Chiropractors offer diagnosis and treatment of patients whose musculoskeletal system health issues affect their general health and nervous system, with spinal manipulation a common treatment. Physical therapists diagnose and treat patients with medical issues that limit their movements and ability to perform functional activities. Athletic trainers help prevent, treat, and rehabilitate bone and muscle injuries and illnesses of everyone from industry workers to professional athletes.” (Read more.)

Massage therapy for cancer patients is currently in high-demand and offers a lucrative career options for therapists who receive advanced training. According to the Society for Oncology Massage, specialized massage therapists help physicians with pain management and aid in the research of the benefits to oncology massage treatments.