Expert in Acupuncture to Teach Massage Therapy School

A massage therapy school in Berkley, California is hosting specialized massage therapy courses this spring through a once-a-year class schedule covering the healing arts of acupressure, shiatsu, and a new technique known as acu-yoga.

The Acupressure Institute massage therapy school is offering classes led by expert instructor Dr. Michael Reed Gach in April.The three massage therapy techniques will be taught in sections that focus on each of the modalities.

Acupressure classes teach massage therapy students to focus on emotionally healing clients who have recently been through an emotionally traumatic event or who suffer intense emotional pain. The classes teach the specific acupressure methods to help relieve clients of anger, fear, panic, anxiety, grief, and complacency about emotional issues they may be facing. The acupressure class will be held at the massage therapy school on April 20th and April 27th.

Acu-yoga (basics) classes will be held on April 21st and 22nd and will provide specialized training in the technique, which was invented by Gach. The class will teach students foundational knowledge in yoga postures and breathing techniques that can be combined with acupressure methods for stress relief.

Another acu-yoga class on April 23rd and 26th will teach students how to train others in the art of acu-yoga. Students who complete this class at the massage therapy school will be awarded a special teaching certificate. The zen shiatsu (basics) class will take place April 28th and 29th to teach students how to relieve tension in the body with very little effort.

Each of the classes will last about 7 hours and students can sign up at the massage therapy school. The class costs run between $245 and $600 for program students and are between $300 and $700 for non-program attendees. Students in the Acu-Yoga class must purchase Gach’s Book “Acu-Yoga” to use in the class.