AMTA Responds to “The Client List” after Concerns from Pros and Schools

The Client List, a new television series starring Jennifer Love-Hewitt has massage therapy professionals steaming. The new series shows a single mom doing whatever it takes to earn a living, but massage therapy schools and professionals say that the show rolls back the evolution of the massage therapy industry – a field very nearly considered “allied health” in the modern era.

In response to the show’s story line, the American Massage Therapy Association recently took the concern to the show’s owner – The Lifetime Network.

The AMTA, on behalf of its industry, schools, clients, and massage therapists, started the conversation by posting the following on their website:

February 7, 2012: AMTA wants members and others in the massage therapy association to know that the association is aware of the new Lifetime TV series called “The Client List” and has taken action to share the concerns expressed by many about how it might imply that it is common for massage therapists to also be prostitutes.

On Monday, February 6, 2012 AMTA sent a communication to the President and CEO of the A&E Network, copying other executives for the company that owns Lifetime, about the implications for massage therapists and the profession. The association will be monitoring their response and will consider other action to emphasize the importance of respecting the professionalism of massage therapists.

Lifetime responded to the AMTA:

“We appreciate your feedback concerning the new Lifetime Television series entitled, The Client List. For many years, Lifetime television has explored the complexity of women’s lives and their stories through fiction and non-fiction movies, series and programs. The Client List is a fictionalized story about the experiences of a single mother as she unexpectedly faces dire economic circumstances….read more.

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