Cedar Stone Massage Therapy Classes Move to New Location

Classes for massage therapy students attending Cedar Stone School of Massage recently moved to their new home in Harrisonburg, VA.

The massage therapy classes at Cedar Stone offer holistic and natural massage training that includes body work, massage, and healing methods that are learned from a whole-body perspective.

A unique facet of the program offers a cultural view of the patient in the healing methodology learned by students. Asian and Native American therapies are included to provide insight into the cultural differences in body work and healing therapy.

Students attending the massage therapy classes are taught traditional massage techniques, use stone massage and Asian techniques, and learn modern day employment of their new skills.

The massage therapy college at Cedar Stone is the only institution in the area that provides holistic massage classes through its three massage therapy courses of study; certification, continuing education, and massage for friends and family.

Each of the three massage therapy class programs provides a specialized course of study for students.

For those who desire to become a massage therapist, the certification program will prepare them for the national exams required for licensing.

Friends and family massage classes teach basic relaxation massage for casual, non-licensed use in a home environment.

The massage therapy school’s continuing education track is set up to allow massage professionals to obtain required credits for their certification maintenance. It also provides skill development and the opportunity to learn about the newest advances in the industry of massage therapy.

Cedar Stone’s massage therapy classes are available during the day and as part of a night school program for busy students who are working or may have other obligations. The school is flexible with class scheduling to accommodate shift schedules and other special scheduling needs. Enrollment for spring classes will begin in January of next year.

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