Educated Professionals Retrain at Massage Therapy Schools

As the economy continues to struggle, many disenchanted professionals look to other trades for stability.

Massage therapy schools are experiencing increased enrollments from adults with prior education as a result.

Massage therapy schools aren’t alone in this trend, either. All technical trades are seeing a rise in enrollment from adult professionals including web design, graphics, computer repair, cosmetology, and even non-PhD medical careers.

Why are so many people flocking to trade schools for stability? The answer seems to lie in the length of training. Adults who have accomplished a specialty degree from a two or four-year college may have put many years into their former careers. After multiple layoffs in their industry, desperation can set in as they realize that an entry level job may not be enough to pay the bills.

This is where massage therapy school can come in. Most massage programs can be compacted into a year-long, full time curriculum. Other technical trades can be taught in even less time. This puts the worker back into the workforce in a shorter amount of time – hopefully with a certificate that will earn a stable income.

Retraining in massage therapy schools is ideal for some people who need a way to get back to above-average pay. It’s also a great way for any business owner to get back into a business that will allow them a decent wage. By going through a relatively short massage therapy school program and passing a state examination, those with a prior business degree are all set to own and operate an independent business.

Joint ventures (going into business with others) are a common conversation for business-minded people who attend massage therapy school. there are plenty of other students in the same position, many of which are also seeking a new outlook and fresh start on their careers.