Health Advocates Validate Massage Therapy Schools

As made apparent by the significant increases in massage therapy jobs out there and increased enrollment in massage therapy schools, there are serious health benefits associated with massage therapy. So much so, that the demand for massage therapy is at an all-time high in many pockets of the world. Schools around the nation have long taught that the art of massage is a truly beneficial form of health care, even if the medial industry didn’t think so. Now, allied health fields are discussing the importance of massage, an endorsement that one chiropractor felt necessary to include in a press release:

(Market Watch) Merritt Island chiropractor Dr. Joshua Flinn recommends to combination of massage therapy with chiropractic care to help patients heal. According to Dr. Flinn, massage treatments naturally promote internal healing by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to injured soft tissues. Therapeutic massage also helps to relieve back pain and unlocking tension and stress that is trapped deep in the muscle fascia. The chiropractor regularly recommends massage treatments in addition to chiropractic care and spinal decompression to help patients heal following an auto injury.

The Spine Center of Brevard in Brevard County, FL is encouraging injury patients to incorporate therapy into their treatment programs. Chiropractic physician Dr. Joshua Flinn announced that the practice provides massage treatments to help relieve pain and promote internal healing.

“At our office, we are committed to taking spine care into the 21st Century,” said Dr. Flinn. “Our non-invasive treatments help the body heal following an accident. Our goal with every patient is a full recovery. That’s why we incorporate massage therapy into many of our treatment plans — massage naturally promotes internal healing, speeding the recovery process while enhancing pain relief.”

The act of massaging injured tissues helps to promote internal healing. Oxygen-rich blood flushes out lactic trapped within muscles. Massage also releases tension from sore or stiff muscles, helping to return flexibility and motion to the body while relieving back pain. Patients may experience a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol also decrease. The level of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller, increases. This effect helps patients relax and center their minds while decreasing stress.

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