Leaders Gather to Discuss Massage Therapy School Training

A national organization has gathered the brightest minds in the field of massage therapy education to discuss national standards for massage therapy classes. The object of the work group is to determine which skills are the most important early in a graduate’s massage career and the lessons that should be included in college.

(Wired PR News) Rick Garbowski, co-founder of Georgia Massage School, was recently chosen to participate in a national entry-level massage education analysis project to help identify the essential elements of massage therapy that are required to create a comprehensive entry-level curriculum.

Garbowski, co-owner and director of the metropolitan Atlanta massage school, was one of four massage therapy educators chosen from a nationally-compiled list of nominees, all of whom were chosen by one of seven national massage therapy organizations. Garbowski and the team of national massage education project participants recently met in Chicago, Ill. to begin working on identifying the minimum number of training and/or credit hours and key learning outcomes that schools should teach to ensure the safe application of massage in an early massage career.

The national massage education work group will collaborate with a psychometrician to write survey questions to help identify what entry-level massage therapists need to know and should be able to accomplish in order to meet the needs of clients. They will meet twice more in 2012, once in August and once in December, to present the survey findings to the national massage therapy leadership group.

Garbowski has 20 years of professional massage therapy experience and years of training from leading massage instructors, with a variety of advanced certifications in areas such as clinical sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, manual lymphatic draining and orthopedic massage. In the past 14 years, he has created and managed massage education curriculums and has helped to hire, train and manage personnel at the Atlanta-area Georgia Massage School. His major accomplishments include teaching massage therapy to a student who suffered a closed-head injury by creating a special treatment sequence for the student, and designing and building a custom tool which allowed the student to track his progress during each massage therapy session.

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