Massage Therapist Schools Summit Discusses Consumer Confidence

A recent report from the American Massage Therapy Association is up for discussion at the annual massage therapist schools summit thanks to some optimistic trends found in their research and survey efforts.

The AMTA found that there are more consumers turning to massage who believe it to be an essential part of their personal health and wellbeing than ever before; most of who turn to massage for pain management and to treat medical illnesses.

The studies concluded that more people area receptive to the idea (and fact, arguably) that massage therapy is a really effective method of managing a number of ailments. The upswing in confidence by American consumers is good news for massage therapy businesses and schools, alike. For schools, this latest news is very encouraging because it can mean greater enrollments and responsibility in shaping the future of the massage therapy industry.

For massage therapy businesses, it spells new clients and more repeat business – the basis for a thriving massage therapy clinic. Nearly half of businesses surveyed said that they saw an increase in business last year.

Part of consumer confidence increases could be linked to state regulations and local ordinances requiring more people to complete a specified number of hours at an accredited massage therapist school before being allowed to test for certification.

Massage therapist schools were found to be a part of the regulations and standards put forth by total 43 states in country, though some include voluntary certification provisions. Further, the AMTA found that there are at least 350 accredited massage therapist schools in the United States and almost 100,000 national certified massage therapists.

Massage therapy schools prepare students to pass the final certification exam and fulfill regulatory requirements for taking the test, while putting students in contact with potential employers in their communities.


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    Massage Therapist Schools Summit Discusses Consumer Confidence…

    AMTA publishes report on rising consumer confidence for discussion at annual massage therapist school summit….