Could Massage Therapy Awareness Usher in New Enrollments?

Massage therapy schools have seen an increase in enrollments lately as a result of retraining efforts by career professionals seeking a new path to financial security.

Earlier this month, California passed a declaration that named January 12th as California Massage Therapy Awareness Day thanks to the efforts of the American Massage Therapy Association and other industry groups.

This year marked the first annual Massage Therapy Awareness day in the state, as the State Assembly declared the observation of the event to be an official day of observance. There are currently over 27,000 certified massage therapists in the state already and the awareness brought to the industry by the declaration could lead to more interest in the discipline.

The American Massage Therapy Association, a political and social activist group for the industry, has been an important element in the successes of massage therapy schools in the past and worked to get this declaration passed. AMTA has also been very involved in making it easier to get certified in the state of California, which also helped to boost massage therapy school enrollments in the state.

The AMTA will be holding a massage therapy school summit next month to help educators and the owners of schools learn how to benefit from the targeted education they can provide. This year’s summit will be held in Chicago and will allow massage therapy school faculty and owners to network with other professionals in their fields, find out about the latest trends and industrial information that will affect massage therapy school businesses, and learn strategies for success.

California’s new massage therapy awareness day will undoubtedly be one of the topics of discussion at the summit. By declaring this day to be an official awareness day, groups can now take advantage of the new title and begin to build public awareness of the services and opportunities offered at massage therapy schools.