Massage Therapy Classes for the Vision-Impaired

A massage therapy school for the visual-impaired is offering hope to people in Bartlett, TN.

Owner Chunan Jiang runs the Brightness Massage School for the Blind and Vision-Impaired, but has so far had very little luck in the way of drumming up business; a problem that is perplexing for Jiang.

At his home city in China, Jiang was a massage therapy instructor for more than a decade at the Hunan University where he taught massage therapy to the blind and vision-impaired. It is a common practice in China to teach the healing arts to people who are losing their vision or have already lost it because it is one of the few professions in which sight does not need to be important to get the job done. According to Jiang, it is a great way for people to make a great income despite their vision limitations.

Jiang pointed out in a report by Commercial Appeal that blind people have gifted hands. Researchers have long-marveled at how humans, when depleted of a specific sense, seem to be extraordinarily sensitive in other ways. Those with hearing impairments have superior sight and sense of smell. The same is true of vision impaired persons; they tend to have heightened sense of touch, hearing, and smell.

Brightness may be the only massage therapy school of its kind in the United States. No other training facilities that focus on vision-impaired massage therapy classes seem to be registered for accredited instruction.

The massage therapy school offers a 500-hour massage therapy course for certification testing, just as any other school. The biggest challenge for teaching massage therapy classes to the blind or visually-impaired population is that it takes a bit more time to get through technique training. People with good eyesight are able to see the muscle groups and identify them, but those with a vision limitation must feel their way through massage therapy training.


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    Massage Therapy Classes for the Vision-Impaired…

    A massage therapy school in TN may be the only school to focus on training massage to the vision-impaired and blind population….