Massage Therapy Classes to Focus on Research

A relatively new line of thought in the massage therapy industry is resulting in shifting perspectives of the way schools are going to teach massage therapy in the future.

Evidence based massage therapy has always been a part of the profession; even ancient eastern practitioners saw the evidence that massage therapy was beneficial. However, scientific and technological advances are bringing new definition to “evidence based” massage therapy.

Massage therapy classes focus on the body and mind, correlating the implications that mental wellness and stressed muscles are very much connected. However, according to the industry publication Massage Today, the Massage Therapy Foundation is making it a goal to bring the newest in research to the forefront of the industry.

Along with the fact that more and more states are regulating the industry, Massage Today points to the internet as a reason for new massage therapy classes to focus on evidence based massage therapy. In his article, Keith Eric Grant, PhD, NCTMB says “Communication without regard to physical proximity is facilitating extensive discussions among those both with a stake in massage therapy and with backgrounds in research and statistics.”

How does this equate to changes in massage therapy classes? Like so many other professions, massage therapy might begin to include a more active research element. While massage therapists are required in most states to earn continuing education credits, it may be necessary to focus on in-career research to produce the best results for the client.

Client satisfaction is the most important part of retaining a loyal customer-base for massage therapists. Being successful and competitive means being as educated as the competition. Massage therapy classes will need to discuss more actively the role of medical research in the day to day operations of a massage therapy professional’s clinic.


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    Massage Therapy Classes to Focus on Research…

    Massage therapy classes will soon include research methods if the MTF is any indication of the future….