Massage Therapy Classes Volunteer, Compete for Charity

With the holiday season upon us, massage therapy colleges across the nation are providing great services to their communities in an effort to give back while learning real-world skills.

Students of massage therapy classes across the country are accustomed to providing services to the public in the latter portions of their training.

This time of year, it is normal for schools to host a variety of fundraisers, drives and benefits aimed at giving back to the community while providing students with some real-world experience in their trade.

Such was the case with students of massage therapy classes at two schools this season.

In Appleton, WI this month, massage therapy students at the University of Appleton offered massages to people living with developmental disabilities. Students of the massage therapy classes learned the significance of really communicating verbally with their clients, as well as overcoming communication challenges to provide the best possible patient experience.

In Chillicothe, OH, a competition that has been heating up since just after the Thanksgiving holiday is serving to collect food for the hungry. As of the latest report, the students of Daymar College had collected over 1000 pounds of food donations and 700 pounds of that came from student of massage therapy classes. The competition is intense because of a challenge between the disciplines at the college. While the competition is not yet over, the massage therapy students have a long lead over the other departments.

Mot all massage classes are aimed at charity this year, but many are providing stress relief from the holiday shopping season. Massage therapy students on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls are currently holding clinics that offer discounted massages at $25 per hour in an area where $70 is usually the minimum rate. The students from Trillium College are running the clinics two days of each week. As part of their class, students are able to experience what it’s like to run their own massage therapy clinic.