Massage Therapy School Drums Up Interest

A popular massage therapy school in the Northeastern United States recently announced the success of several initiatives the school conducted in 2011.

The National Massage Therapy Institute experienced an increase in the number of individuals interested in their massage therapy programs across the school’s four campuses.

The massage therapy school announced that in 2011, they began a series of program enhancements that included more detailed educational massage classes providing a training program that is seldom matched by other massage therapy schools. The school created a brand-new 900-hour program that began in December, which expands far beyond the boundaries of typical 500-hour massage programs.

The new 900-hour program features expanded class work and learning points and features specialized massage therapy classes in caring for elderly patients, prenatal massage, and infant massage. They also incorporated elements of isolated massage therapy training for sports and muscle related stress and strains in addition to other techniques for specific types of medical conditions.

The four campuses are located in Atlantic City, NJ; Falls Church, VA; Northeast Philadelphia, PA; and Wilmington, DE. Each of the massage therapy school’s campuses now have a massage therapy clinic in which the public can book appointments for student-led, instructor-supervised massages at rates that are drastically less expensive than standard massage therapy clinics and spas. The school published a new website for the student-led massage therapy clinics, as well.

Finally, the massage therapy school launched its own .edu site on which students can stay connected with the program through regular updates and communication with the staff at the school. New students and those who are interested in NMTI can chat with a school representative through the website’s online chat feature to ask any questions they may have about the massage therapy school and its program offerings, tuition and fees, and other relevant information.