Massage Therapy School Expands Course Offering

A small massage therapy school program at a community college is expanding its course offerings this year. According to a local publication, the program is still small but the market demand in the area continues to increase. This is typical of the job market for massage therapists in the last few years, a trend that the BLS expects to continue.

(Pueblo Chieftain) The course load is growing next year for one of Pueblo Community College’s smallest certification programs but one that each year sends trained professionals into a growing job market.

Students enrolled in the massage therapy program will have to take two new one credit-hour classes, in reflexology and aromatherapy.

Jeanette McWilliams, coordinator of the program and one of its earliest graduates herself, said the additions are part of an effort to make sure the people who receive their certification are exposed to all the possible jobs they may want to take on once they’re trained and licensed.

Reflexology is a technique that uses thumb pressure against specific areas of the body such as the soles of the feet to achieve results, while aromatherapy uses scents from a variety of herbs and oils to alter mood. Those are along with more intense studies like kinesiology — the study of movement —anatomy and physiology. PCC’s program attracts a wide variety of students, from 18-year-old high school graduates to people in their 50s who are unhappy in their current jobs and are wanting a profession that helps others.

The program is in its seventh year — McWilliams said she left a call center job to enroll and was certified in 2008 — and averages 8-10 people per class.

While McWilliams said there’s work being done to develop an associate degree, the massage therapy school offers only a certification for now. All the students who pass…

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