Massage Therapy Schools and Discounted Massage Services

A massage therapy school with four locations in the U.S. is offering public massages at discounted rates.

The massage therapy school of the National Massage Therapy Institute is providing discounted massaged at any of its campuses.

The massage therapy school’s student clinics offer professional massages at a fraction of the cost to the public as a way to give graduating students the necessary clinic hours required for licensing and certification in their states. Public clients can reserve a student for a session of 60-minutes at their clinics in Atlantic City, NJ; Falls Church, VA; Philadelphia, PA; and Wilmington, DE.

The massage clinics are also offering discounts to military service members, home healthcare professionals, and senior citizens. The student massage clinic at the school campuses provide massages by appointment and are supervised by a licensed massage therapy instructor, as required of most massage therapy school clinics.

A large majority of massage therapy schools offer a public massage therapy clinic for the same reasons. Students of massage therapy schools are required to complete a set number of hours practicing on real clients. Because the massages are provided by a student therapist, prices are often deeply discounted.

Many massage therapy students are qualified for all types of massages, including sports injury related and health related massage. Students at an accredited massage therapy school operating in a state with regulatory requirements should be prepared for maternity and prenatal massages, as well as geriatric massage. If you have a question about the safety of receiving a massage due to health conditions, consult a doctor prior to visiting a non-licensed massage therapist.

Although they must work under the supervision of an instructor, students at this point in their massage therapy school training have completed hundreds of hours of coursework and are preparing to graduate the school and take their state licensing exam. In most cases, massage therapy students that are able to provide massage to actual clients are very qualified to do so.


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    Massage Therapy Schools and Discounted Massage Services…

    Massage therapy schools often offer discounted massages provided by qualified students facing graduation….