Massage Therapy Schools reach out to Military Veterans

Massage therapy students gain the most knowledge of their new trade while working with live patients, usually in a clinical setting at a massage school or college. For one set of students attending the massage program at Eglin Community College are getting the opportunity to practice their new skills while serving a special group of clients. At a job fair, the students will reach out to veterans and provide relaxing massage during a career fair aimed at finding employment for soldiers and veterans:

(Daily Herald) Elgin Community College will reach out to military veterans Tuesday at the second annual Veterans’ Summit Job and Resource Fair to give them the opportunity to meet with employers and service providers.

Toya Webb, communications specialist for ECC, said the college also offers free one-hour massages for veterans and their families through the massage therapy program. It gives students the opportunity to talk to and understand the issues veterans have after being at war. The students are able to practice their skills while veterans get a chance to relax. “ECC really does a lot for the veterans in the community,” Webb said.

The fair focuses on creating opportunities for veterans in need.

Those who need jobs will have the chance to meet employers from the state of Illinois, federal agencies, local government and various veteran-owned companies. Representatives of several agencies also will be available for veterans in need of education services, homeless and elderly services, legal services and county agencies.

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Other schools also reach out to veterans, specifically. Massage is an important part of treating post-traumatic stress and other psychological injuries suffered during active duty. Physiological issues, including amputations and war injuries, are also treated in part by massage therapy techniques.

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