Massage Therapy Schools offer Success through Second Chances

Ten years ago, massage therapy schools were expected to peak and lose steam in the following decade.

Now, industry experts are expecting the education system to keep adding massage therapy school programs for many years to come.

This is largely due to the fact that massage therapy schools are receiving a good portion of the nation’s dejected professionals, a trend that’s proving that sometimes being a 2nd choice isn’t so bad. A recent report from the American Massage Therapy Association indicates that this is a growing trend; one that industry experts think will continue through the recession.

The AMTA found that people who complete massage therapy school are majorly in their early forties and members of professional organizations. Even as a second choice, massage therapy schools can bring in upwards of $60.00 an hour for these ex-industry professionals too and they only work about 15 hours a week on actually providing massages. This lends to the idea that adults exiting the work force are more concerned with spending time on things they enjoy.

Losing a job after years in the profession feels much like a “break up” to most people. It seems to make them focus on the things that they find the most important in life. We have witness this trend in other industries, too, as people opt for low paying careers that are highly rewarding emotionally.

The AMTA discovered another statistic proving this theory that these types of massage therapy school graduates are setting out to make their own way in the world, independent of corporate constraints. They suspect that most of them will be sole practitioners that rely on repeat business. The desire to control their own future, coupled with professional backgrounds that are customer-centric might just spell out a winning formula for new graduates who choose massage therapy school to pave a new path in their lives.