Massage Therapy Student Graduates Following Third Corporate Layoff

After her third layoff from a corporate Job, Angelica Lemus Hendrickson decided enough was enough.

She was often the person who would offer back and neck massages to fellow coworkers and was told by them that she missed her calling.

Hendrickson decided to heed that sentiment by enrolling in massage therapy school at the Elgin Community College in Chicago.

“Third time’s a charm. After the third time I got laid off, it’s time for me to be me. It’s time for me to be happy and so something I’m passionate about.” Hendrickson told a local publication.

She is among over 700 massage therapy students that qualified for graduation from the massage therapy school at the end of this year.

The massage therapy school is responsible for graduating 275 students to a higher education college and 539 students with a certificate in massage therapy last year. The community college graduated over one thousand students earlier this year.

The massage therapy school is expected to graduate hundreds more professionals this year.

Hendrickson said a flyer about the massage therapy school inspired her to change her career path for good. She attended introductory massage therapy classes last year and found the discipline to be rewarding.

Since then, she’s taken over one thousand credit hours to complete her training at the massage therapy college. She plans to take the massage therapy licensing exam for Illinois and is lining up jobs to kick-start her new career. She is currently working at a medical center in Elgin.

Though her current employer is not offering massage services, she says that the office experience will help her gain real world medical work experience when she finally lands a job in massage.

Hendrickson says that she likes helping people, that she’s bettering lives and making people feel better.

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