GA Massage Therapy School Offers Half Day Program

Students interested in earning a massage therapy certificate or degree but need a flexible schedule might find it easier to go to school thanks to a new program offering by an Atlanta massage therapy school.

Georgia Massage School is offering a new schedule for its massage therapy courses during the week, allowing students to attend classes for only half of the day.

The spring program features a half-day schedule for massage therapy students who can attend classes Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 12:45 p.m. The program is perfect for students who are unable to attend classes during full day schedules due to school aged children and other obligations. The metropolitan Atlanta Massage School is offering its six-month massage therapy certification program on this schedule, which is a program that is only offered quarterly each year.

The course is 500-hours and includes a full massage therapy class program aligned with the regulations set forth by the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy. Some of the massage therapy classes included in the program are a beginning lower extremities course, skeleton class, upper extremities classes, and others. There will be no mandatory homework assignments and no clinical hours outside of the scheduled class times, so students can be confident that there will be no scheduling conflicts caused by their studies at the massage therapy school.

According to a press release by the school, the half-day courses will allow students to balance their busy lifestyles with their education to pursue a career in massage therapy. The course curriculum was developed by Rick Garbowski, a lifetime teacher of massage therapy classes.

Laurie Craig, also a lifetime educator, said in the press release that Garbowski’s curriculum “provides an exclusive sequence of massage therapy courses at the highest-quality for an affordable fee.”