Sports Massage Therapy Students Gear Up for Race

A group of students in a sports massage therapy program at Minsthrope Community College are getting ready to put their skills to use at a relay race to benefit non-profit organization Help for Heroes. In addition to raising funds, the students will gain valuable massage therapy experience by providing care to relay race members throughout the event.

(HSE Express) PHYSIOthErapy students are putting their new skills into action in a race across the length and width of Great Britain.

The sports massage therapy students at Minsthorpe Community College’s Adult Education Centre are taking on their first challenge to help raise money for Help For Heroes.

The sporting event, set up by Castleford-based company Strategic Group, will see a cycling team riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

They will be relay racing a team of people running from the western Welsh Coast to Flanborough Head in the east.

And split amongst them will be the Minsthorpe students who will be providing physio leg massages to the athletes to prevent any injuries.

Tutor Ian Morgan said: “It all fits into the course they are doing and helps them gain experience.

“In the race there is always one runner or cyclist on the road and they do it as a relay.

“The job of the student will be to work on the runner or cyclist that has just finished their turn in a vehicle.

“So it’s really quite an intense challenge for them, especially bearing in mind they haven’t finished their course yet.”

Mr Morgan is confident that the adult students will rise to the challenge after taking previous students on similar races.

In 2009 he took entered his pupils into a cycle race across Europe from Castleford to Munich…

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