Student Massages Relieve Stress during Exams

Every year, thousands of college students learn the very meaning of the word “stress” as they prepare to take exams that could make or break their college career in an instant. Some schools are helping out the student body with game rooms and activities to help relieve the tension leading up to exam day, but as an article from Knox News points out – nothing beats a good massage:

Knox News – For Bailey Staver, final exams are a pain in the neck. Staver is a junior at the University of Tennessee majoring in speech language pathology. This spring semester she’s taking seven courses, which means seven exams. Staver started studying for finals two weeks ago. Two days ago, she could feel the tension settling in her shoulders and neck.

Just an hour before her first exam Tuesday, she got a free five-minute massage in the Commons area of the John C. Hodges Library on campus. “My neck feels better, and my mind is clear as well,” Staver said. “I think I’m ready.”

This week during final exams, some UT students are getting massages, while others are blowing off steam in a room full of coloring books, sketch pads, and children’s games. It’s all part of “De-Stress for Success,” an assortment of stress-relieving activities sponsored by UT libraries, the Office of Alumni Affairs, the UT Parents Association, the School of Information Sciences, and the Graduate Student Senate.

The Knoxville Massage Therapy Center started giving free massages at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Thurman Bucket, a freshman biology major, had taken an algebra exam at 8 a.m., and was in need of a neck rub.

“My neck has been sore the last few days from leaning over the books,” Bucket said. “Who doesn’t love a free massage? This is a great idea… read more at Knox News.

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