Clinical Massage Therapy: Understanding, Assessing and Treating Over 70 Conditions

Clinical Massage Therapy: Understanding, Assessing and Treating Over 70 Conditions

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  1. Ricky Morales says


    I definately needed this book. It was received and is in good condition, as advertised.

  2. Rating

    This book is known as the “bible” for Clinical Massage Therapist. For sure, Rattray knows clinical massage, but she doesn’t convey it very well in this format. It too wordy…just a bunch of unneccesary info. She really could have gotten to the point and written this book on a lot less paper. You can’t find some information contained in the book in the index or table of contents. It’s frustrating. You find yourself flipping through a bunch of pages trying to locate material needed. I had to take this book apart and put it into a binder, after getting rid of the excess. The book is thick, bulky and the cover is paper, and not reinforced paper or cardboard. It will not hold up well as a constant reference tool. The paper it’s written on is thin. If you purchase it, be prepared to take it apart or be frustrated. You can get this one cheaper than the asking price of these sellers. This book is not for a beginner, unless you have an instructor to guide you.

  3. K. Bolte says


    This is a great book. I noticed that one reviewer said that you can buy it for $70 from the publisher…please note how long ago she wrote that review. It now costs over $85 there. We bought ours from the school bookstore for $85.91 because there were no used ones for sale at that time. Buy used if you can!

  4. Rating

    I’ve order the Clinical Massage Therapy book. Very good condition, just as specified by the seller. Good communication with them on email too.

  5. Lori L. Fredericks says


    do not buy it from these sellers trying to rip you off!!!!!! you can get a brand new copy from the publisher for under $100!

  6. Laura Golin says


    This book was listed as used, but was in excellent condition! The Seller is Great! He sent the book out at 6:30 AM the next day. I got in 2 days! Excellent! I will use them again!

  7. Michelle B. says


    This is the most comprehensive text written in the field of massage therapy. It is a detailed and complete guide to the assessment and treatment of the majority of conditions that we as therapists are faced with.

    Canadian massage therapy education is above and beyond most in the world and certainly within North America. This is one of our required texts and the foundation for our treatment based approach to healing. These authors have been instrumental in the advancement of Canadian therapist education and the development and elevation of our standards of practice.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their massage therapy knowledge and gain a treatment based focus to their work.

  8. Rating

    there are just so many disorders out there it is impossible to cover it all but this book does a pretty great job covering the basics on a wide range of commonly encountered conditions for the massage therapist.`

  9. Julie Onofrio says


    The third party sellers are taking you for a ride.

    The book can be bought for about $70.

    You can order directly through the publisher

  10. Maria I. Zavala says


    I am very upset that I have not received my book ordered back in november. contact me at 773-809-2189