Introduction to Massage Therapy (Lww Massage Therapy & Bodywork Educational Series)

Introduction to Massage Therapy (Lww Massage Therapy & Bodywork Educational Series)

Introduction to Massage Therapy (Lww Massage Therapy & Bodywork Educational Series) Rating:
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The Second Edition of Introduction to Massage Therapy instills the essential skills and knowledge needed to become a professional massage therapist and excel as one. The authors integrate functional anatomy, physiology, and pathology with massage therapy techniques, helping you translate your knowledge of the underlying science into practice. Designed to prepare you for all aspects of massage practice, the text also covers communication and documentation, safety and self-care practices, and essential business concepts. This text offers a wealth of 3D anatomical information on the skeletal, muscular, and neurovascular systems, as well as surface anatomy. The Second Edition features expanded coverage of hydrotherapy, Eastern techniques, sanitation and hygiene, and HIPAA.


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  1. Marcel C. Fromond says


    There are many books around that are much better.

    Trail Guide to the body is the best IMNSHO…

  2. J. Barber says


    I’m in my second quarter of a 1-year, 600-hour massage program. This book was used as our primary text for Massage I and as a supplemental text for Massage II.

    I have found the book to be almost useless. It feels like a bunch of very short reports written by middle school students. The authors definitely sacrifice depth for breadth, as they seem to try to touch upon virtually every subject that could possibly be of any interest to a massage therapist, while almost entirely failing to actually convey any information.

    I chose to give the book two stars rather than just one because I prefer to save one star (the lowest rating) for the surprisingly high number of textbooks out there with many spelling, grammatical, or factual errors. This book has relatively few.

    If you’re a 12-year old who’s interested in massage and who wants a very basic introduction at a very easy reading level, this book might be appropriate for you. If you’re older than 12 or 13 and actually want to learn something, I’d look elsewhere. Of course, if it’s a required text for a class, I guess you’re stuck with it (although I rarely bother with the reading assignments in it any more).

  3. Rosa F. Martinez-Cruzado says


    Excellent approach to therapeutic massage, complete with history of massage, anatomy and physiology, clearly written. A holistic approach, where the body is much more than a mass of meat, but a sacred being intimately related to a soul.

  4. S. Weston says


    The price was great and the book was BRAND new!!! I could not have been happier with this purchase!!!