Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice (Massage Therapy Principles and Practice)

Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice (Massage Therapy Principles and Practice)

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Massage Therapy: Principles and Practice, 3rd Edition gives you everything you need to learn and apply the basic principles of massage therapy with ease! This new edition is more straightforward and easy-to-use than ever, with a new DVD that brings techniques and procedures to life, complete coverage of the latest emerging therapy options and target groups, and new practice materials to help you prepare for certification exams and therapeutic practice. Heavily illustrated and thoroughly revised to cover the widest range of modalities and massage topics in one book, it's the foundation for massage therapy success!

  • Heavily illustrated for visually enhanced comprehension.
  • Covers the fundamentals of massage with just the right amount of detail for shorter programs.
  • Full section on anatomy & physiology with essential background.
  • Special Populations chapter helps addresses the needs of growing segments.
  • Table Talk boxes enrich chapters with additional content and retention tips.

  • Bound-in companion DVD provides engaging video demonstrations of massage techniques, client interaction sequences, and anatomy and physiology animations for visually enhanced learning.
  • New National Certification Exam (NCE) practice test acquaints students with the exam they must take for certification and builds confidence.
  • New Pregnancy and Infant Massage chapter details special therapies unique to these emerging areas of care and helps broaden therapists' treatment scope and increase their marketability.
  • New Foot Reflexology chapter introduces a growing field of therapy common to massage courses but not covered by many texts.
  • Muscle charts with all-new illustrations present musculoskeletal anatomy with full-color clarify for quick identification.
  • New case studies, biographies, appendices, and chapter extras on Evolve enhance chapter content.
  • New Reproductive System chapter familiarizes students with the reproductive system and its relationship to treatment modifications.
  • New DVD icons throughout text help students quickly identify material highlighted on the DVD.
  • New HIPAA guidelines provide essential standards necessary for clinical practice.
  • New Introduction to Terminology better prepares students for required A&P and Pathology courses.


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  1. T. Verno says


    It is everything I need to cover the materials I need to take my nationals, boards and get relicensed!

  2. Kirsten Island says


    My school was selling the book for $60. I bought on Amazon for a little over $40, and the book arrived brand new. Great value!

  3. Elizabeth Vazquez says


    This is a respectable text for beginning massage students, and is full of great and interesting information. It’s not the absolute last word in anatomy’s role in massage, and shouldn’t be anyone’s only source of information, but as one text within a larger and complete curriculum, it’s very useful. It’s written at a fairly accessible level without being dumbed down. Sometimes it does get a little dry, but that may be the nature of the subject matter — it’s only so much you can jazz it up and still get the point across.

  4. M. Campbell says


    My massage Instructor has been a massage therapist for over 25 years and she says this book is almost perfect for introduction to massage practice and study. There hasnt been anything weve went over that Salvo didnt have some helpful information on. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous says


    I used this book for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodwork. It is useful as good knowledge source for the massage techniques parts of the exam. It is also listed as a reference by the National Certification Board of Massage and Bodywork for the NCETMB. I also used the following books which were very good:
    The Ultimate Study Guide for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork: Key Review Questions and Answers
    (Volume 1) (ISBN: 0971999643)
    (Volume 2) (ISBN: 0971999651)
    (Volume 3) (ISBN: 097199966X)
    These 3 volumes are well worth the money and it made my life easier because it helped me pass the test with flying colors.

  6. Anonymous says


    This is the best book I’ve found on Amazon that has all a person needs to know about starting massage. There’s information on table heights, contraindications, business practices and everything else. I would recommend this to anyone interested in taking a massage course, or starting in the profession.

  7. Anonymous says


    Great book if your a nurse like myself.
    It Gives clear Answers and is the easiest book to read you will ever find.If you can’t answer a medical question after reading this book, you need glasses or need to actually start reading period.
    All anatomical information you would need to pass an lpn nursing test is in this one book.
    It covers every organ system in depth and is actually better than most nursing books because you are never left wondering about anything.
    It is perfectly organized, clearly written & easily understood.
    Has self tests in it that actually are a fair and helpful challenge to the student.
    This book leaves no system or organ undiscovered.
    As far as a massage book goes, it helps you clearly understand how the body works, how the body responds & why it responds.
    But it is not helpful in relation to any techniques EXCEPT Strecthing & lengthening.I give it 4 stars as a massage book and a 5 plus star rating as a nursing book.
    It’s worth every dime you pay for it because you won’t need another anatomy book ever.

  8. Anonymous says


    The book is now available from Saunders. Please update your information on the book.

  9. Rating

    This is the book that my class used when I went thru massage school. An excellent book for students and for helping you to pass the National Exam. There is a lot of anatomy in this book and it touches on massage modes and modalities. I would recommend it to any student that wants to pass that big test.

  10. Christina Bethard says


    Our class supplied this as well as another Massage Therapy book.. I personally think this is better then the original one provided… Very clear and well put together. few errors.