Mosby’s Massage Therapy Review

Mosby's Massage Therapy Review

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No other massage review book offers such complete exam preparation! Written by massage therapy expert Sandy Fritz, this preparation tool offers more review content and questions than any other massage certification review. It gives you the practice and study tools you need for the NCE and MPLEx certification exams, state exams, and even mid-term or final exams. With complete coverage of the information you need to know to study more effectively and take tests more successfully, it helps you memorize terms, definitions, and key facts, all with an emphasis on critical thinking skills - a key part of any licensure or certification exam.

  • The companion CD, packaged with the text, features two practice tests that match the electronic format of actual certification exams, mirror the content of the NCE and MPLEx exams (offered by NCBTMB and FSMTB), and offer immediate remediation for any areas of weakness.
  • More than 1,300 review questions include the two types of questions on the NCE - factual recall and comprehension.
  • Content review includes a detailed review of body systems and their applications to massage.
  • A companion Evolve website helps you review with study tips plus games and activities.

  • A new five-step review process lets you identify areas that need more attention as you study and prepare. Tips for studying and test taking; what to memorize; how to apply concepts and think critically help you hone test-taking skills better than ever before.
  • A full-color design features 100 new illustrations showing massage techniques and Anatomy & Physiology.


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  1. Anonymous says


    Wow! What a wonderful concept by Mosby to finally have a study guide for the National Certification Exam. This book is unlike any other in the fact that it hits every possible question type that you could encounter while taking the exam. This book was great in the sense that it allowed me to see where I was lacking, so therefore I could check over the material that I was less adequate in. I liked the information given on the different question types such as factual recall, clinical reasoning ect… It helped me to understand how to pass the National Exam. Therefore I am happy to give this book an astounding rating because it is something that has assisted me through my career. Thank you!

  2. Rating

    I used this book (along with my school notes/ handouts) to review for the MBLEx. I particularly liked the glossary. If you don’t understand a term and miss a question based on terminology, it is a good chance you need to review the concept the term describes. So it’s a great guide to deeper study. You will still need to dig into your anatomy and pathology books. The strength of this guide is that it tests so many different areas so you can truly zero in on your weakness before sitting for any exam. Also, there are many labelling exercies, so you can see how strong you are on recognition of bones and muscles. I tried one other guide and a web-based review. This was by far the best.

  3. Anonymous says


    This is a good book for a general review for the NCETMB. It’s well-written and quite organized. My study group and I used this book and the following, which is also sold on
    The Ultimate Study for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork: Key Review Questions and Answers
    Volume 1 (ISBN: 0971999643)
    Volume 2 (ISBN: 0971999651)
    Volume 3 (ISBN: 097199966X)
    We all passed with flying colors. Make your life easier, definitely buy these 4 books.

  4. Anonymous says


    I found the questions and answers in the book to be very helpful and very useful by reminding me to review material I have forgotten or I felt was not as important. The questions are quite deep and appropriate for the type of quide it is. The answers then gave me the information I needed to figure out why the answer was correct. If I answered a question answered incorrectly the answer section reminded me to research all words in the question, which in turn prepared me further. I think my clients will benefit from this book as well. It not only is a great study guide but also a great continuing education resource. To have a book that can help me study for a Massage and Bodywork board is excellent. I wish this was around sooner, I probably would have gone to the board a lot quicker. Thank you Sandy!

  5. Lee Marlow says


    5 stars is what I give this book because it gives information that is a review of massage application, anatomy and physiology, diagrams, definitions, review and test questions. This is not only a great review guide prior to taking the exams but an excellent reference book to use and have on your shelf and if necessary use for explanation to a massage client.

  6. Rating

    This edition of Mosby’s Review Guide is very well organized and easy to read. The information given in each section is very thorough and very thought out.

    The first section covers Licensing and Certification and what content is covered within the exams. The second section is a review of the structural plan and function of the body. It deals with all the massage therapy terminology and anatomy and physiology terminology that will be used throughout the exams. The third section involves putting everything together, massage with the terminology covered in section 2. The fourth section reviews the type of questions that will be seen on the tests and to improve your competency and to be confident on demonstration. For instance, within the review tips for muscles there’s a quick content review, and then some factual and either application/concept identification questions or clinical reasoning/synthesis questions. And finally the fifth section which actually gives practice exams. There’s also a couple appendices. The first one contains your indications and contraindications to massage and the second appendix is a glossary.

    Even if I had a review guide already or passed my certification exam I still would buy this book for it’s review aspects. It is so easy and thorough. It’s like a mini massage review class in a nice handy package. The sections are also color coded which helps when needing to go back to a certain area.Mosby’s Massage Therapy Review

  7. Anonymous says


    this was the best book that i have purchased for reviewing for the National Massage and Bodywork exam. ive purchased 4 books to help me, and i have used the cd-rom in this book almost exclusively. it is useful if you already are familiar with your stuff, but if you need a complete review i would suggest the review for massage and bodywork by joseph ashton. as for this book, the cd-rom practice tests in this book are a great resource. 5 stars!

  8. Infrequent Reviewer says


    Overall, this book provides a very thorough review of massage therapy principles. I used it almost exclusively to study for the NCETMB (along with my notes and materials from school), and passed with flying colors on the first try. True, some of the questions are lengthy but they help synthesize different concepts together to give you a deeper understanding of the subject matter. I found the labeling exercises toward the end of the book to be particularly helpful in refreshing my knowledge of anatomy. While many of the questions may be more difficult than what you’ll find on the actual exam, I contend that it’s far better to be overprepared than underprepared. And without a doubt, there were several items on the exam that I would certainly have missed had I not studied with this book. All in all, a worthwhile investment.

  9. Lee Marlow says


    Mosby’s Massage Therapy Review Guide gives the reader an opportunity to see if one’s ready to take the National Certification Exam by taking tests. The book’s practice exams are similiar to the National Certification’s test so those who cannot pass the tests in the book or the book’s CD, I would suggest to them that they need to study more or take a refresher course. I think this book’s tests were very similiar to the questions on the National Certification Exam. Good-luck.

  10. Anonymous says


    This is a great way to prepare yourself for the National Certification Exam or even just to test yourself and the knowledge you have about massage therapy. I love the format- you know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are. I found the CD-ROM to be especially helpful.

  11. Rating

    I work in massage therapy. ( )
    This is a great book