Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy: A Comprehensive Practioners’ Guide to Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum

Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy: A Comprehensive Practioners' Guide to Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum

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This book will give a comprehensive foundation manual therapists need to safely and effectively support the birth of a mother and her baby. It covers the techniques and benefits of therapeutic massage and bodywork throughout pregnancy and labor, and in the postpartum period. Physiological, structural, and emotional developments in the childbearing year are explained, emphasizing ramifications for somatic practices. General guidelines for effective, safe therapy are presented, with specific contraindications and precautions relevant to each trimester.


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  1. Catherine M. Savage says


    This book came highly recommended to me and agree that this is a great pregnancy massage book

  2. Connie Holbrook says


    All I can say is this is a WONDERFUL book of information for any Mother-to-be and especially for Massage Therapists/Bodyworkers. It takes you from conception to infant massage. I am glad it is now a part of my Library.

  3. kurtis stubblefield says


    this book was an excellent source of information. i’m relatively new to the massage business and have several pregnant clients. the author explained the do’s and don’ts clearly and, believe it or not, in an interesting format!

    i liked it so much that i’ve purchased it for a pregnant friend, just so she’ll be armed with appropriate information when looking for a massage therapist (she lives in another state from me :-))

  4. Linn M. Zamora says


    This book is amazing! It has so much information about massage for both mother and practitioner. I’m very pleased with my purchase and recommend it to anyone who is interested in becoming certified in mother massage as well as anyone interested in getting pregnant!

  5. M. Storm says


    A great text book I was looking for something with some sequences and this book is for someone who wants to LEARN about pregnancy massage and not nessarly do it. It is a great book with a lot of valuable information but if you are looking with something that has sequences this isn’t the book for you.

  6. C. Dichiaro says


    I was reading this book as a pre-req to the certification class I’m taking next week. I do feel prepared going into the class, however, I believe this book should be read with the intent of taking a class with it. It is very thorough regarding all aspects of pregnancy and how massage therapists can better serve their clients, without going out of the scope of our practice. Some aspects seemed just a little outdated (like all of the pictures were taken right out of the 70s) but overall a great book if you are looking to specialize in Pre Natal Massage Therapy.

  7. BooneBuyer says


    This book was designed as a textbook companion to a continuing education class for massage therapists. Without attending the class, it’s not an interesting read. It is written with an unnecessary level of medical terminology, when layman’s terms would suffice. I am a massage therapist, and didn’t find this book to be very helpful at all. I found a few tips, but in general, bodywork techniques are labeled & then glossed over. “Massage During Pregnancy” by Bette Waters is a better educational resource on pregnancy & comfort tips for the pregnant woman. However, I’m still looking for an effective resource manual of massage therapy techniques for the pregnant client.

  8. Rating

    So, Osborne-Sheets has a lot of good factual information here about what is going on in a pregnant woman’s anatomy/physiology as it relates to massage. She is the leader in pre-natal massage information. Her technique, however is not the only way to give pre-natal massage. So, take it with a grain of salt. This might be hard to do, since she clearly believes her technique is the only way to massage a pregnant woman, and every one else is just wrong or endangering their client. Don’t believe the hype and take the book for what it is worth, more information to take into consideration.

  9. Dominic Sapien says


    Without any previous education in massage therapy I was completely lost.

  10. Rachel Huss says


    exactly what it says: COMPREHENSIVE practioner’s guide. goes into detail about the physiological and emotional needs for pregnancy massage and how one can become a GREAT therapist and not just average.