Review for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Certification (LWW Massage Therapy & Bodywork Series)

Review for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Certification (LWW Massage Therapy & Bodywork Series)

Review for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Certification (LWW Massage Therapy & Bodywork Series) Rating:
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  1. intellibunny says


    This book was GREAT for review. Now that I took and passed the exam, I think that just memorizing the contents of this little book may have yeilded a passing score, except there isn’t enough on Oriental Medicine, a meridian chart with some famous points would have made this PERFECT. THere’s plenty of room in the margins for notes to fill in the blanks where information is incomplete. Many of the questions in the review did turn out to be on the test.

  2. J. Wickell says


    This book tops the other bodywork review / test prep books that I’ve purchased. Think of it as excellent class notes, accompanied by diagrams, insights and loads of straight definitions. It appears to cover just about everything you possibly need to know prior to taking the popular national tests. I’ll still refer to my class notes, and study my textbooks, but this is a book I’ll spend a lot of time with.

    Some of the more negative reviewer comments seem to reference the first edition of this guide, because topics mentioned as missing are included in the second edition. Don’t let those statements discourage you, because this is a wonderful book.

  3. Anonymous says


    Ok guys I flunked the test the first time. I then got serveral books and finding out what they really are this is the book you need to be studing. Every question that is on the test is in this book. It took me only 45 minutes to take the test. Folks get this book, read it well, study it and you will get high in all the areas like I did. …

  4. Rating

    This book was a tremendous help to me and it was very easy to use. It helped me throughout my schooling and was a great study guide for nationals. I recommend it highly.

  5. Ramona Samuels says


    This book gets 5 stars due to the fact it gives you what it says-major review info for national certification. Loaded with information page after page including diagrams, defintions, text and review questions.

    My instructors were a little surprised to find out the previous ‘bible’ of certification review “The Guide” is no longer published as it was. This book takes it’s place, with all the information the Guide had, updated and condenesd in an easy to take format (compared to many others, including The Guide’s large print text and spiral bound text book). This book is smaller, will fit in any bag you tote around so you can study any and all the time. It has earned all the praises of my instructors and has become a major core to our massgae cirriculum. If you want to study for the National exams, or if you are already liscensed and need a simple, highly informative reference book to add to your library this would be perfect…

  6. serenefreefall says


    I was so glad that I purchased this book for the review of my nationals massage exam. I had been away from the field for about a year and needed a complete review of every topic. This book not only provided the information needed in a simple outline format but it included pictures, which always helps me learn better. Step by step it takes you through the information you need to know. I used this book in conjunction with my student text and when the test rolled around I wasn’t worried that I didn’t know enough. I just couldn’t wait to take the exam.

  7. Erin M. Cohen says


    Not only is this book great to review for the final…(I studied exclusively from this book alone and the online review that comes w/ book and passed with high scores 1st try)…but I wish I had purchased this when I first started my Massage courses because it breaks down all of the info you need into easy to read, easy to understand and pertinent information. A great book, you will not be disappointed.

  8. Rating

    This book is just the right mix of information and brevity. It covers a lot of material but does not go into unnecessary depth on anything; it simply tells you what you need to know for the national exam.

    Organization is very good, and it covers all of the basic areas with all of the essential information. Topics that my school didn’t cover in enough depth, for instance taxes, were dealt with well in the short sections on business practices.

    The quiz sections were for the most part accurate depictions of actual exam questions.

    The book has a couple of minor deficiencies. One, as another reviewer noted, is that there isn’t enough information on Chinese medicine, compared to what is actually on the test. Another problem I have with the book is that while it covers a lot of diseases, they are perfunctory descriptions at best. But not much more is needed for the massage exam.

    I took the massage exam and passed with flying colors. I studied using this book, “Massage National Exam: Questions and Answers,” and “Illustrated Essentials of Musculoskeletal Anatomy,” along with a medical dictionary.

  9. Anonymous says


    I highly recommend this review book by Joseph Ashton. It easy to read yet quite comprehensive. The online exam can be taken in study or test mode which is good practice. Great investment!



    This book, which seems small in comparison to some more comprehensive massage texts, is in actuality much more thourough and concise. After each chapter, there is an exam/review section structured after the actual national test. This is great practice for anyone about to take the NCBTMB. I highly recommend it.