Success! In Massage Therapy, Revised Edition (4th Edition)

Success! In Massage Therapy, Revised Edition (4th Edition)

Success! In Massage Therapy, Revised Edition (4th Edition) Rating:
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This comprehensive review is designed to help massage therapists and health care professionals successfully pass the NCETMB and NCETM exams. It includes over 1000 questions with answers and rationales organized according to the exam's five content areas to assess areas of strength. The book also includes over 150 pages of anatomy and technique content in tabular format. There are two comprehensive tests and four additional tests on the CD-ROM which is packaged with the book. This brand new edition includes coverage of the new national MBLEX exam and MBLEX test questions. The content is divided into the following topics: Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology; Pathology; Therapeutic Massage Bodywork, Assessment, and Application; and Professional Standards, Ethics, and Business Practices


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  1. Massage Tutor says


    If you’re studying for the Nationals or the MBLEX, go elsewhere. This book is a disaster for the average student. The book & it’s CD-ROM contain errors in:

    * information

    * graphics

    * spelling

    * coordination of a test question’s correct answer letter with the answer column.

    Other problems include:

    * Some of the questions read as tho they were written by a struggling non-native English speaker.

    * The material review sections are too shallow.

    Altho published by Pearson, the same name as the testing facility, there is no connection. Rest assured the real MBLEX & Nationals are clear & accurate. You’ll be better served by enrolling with an online exam review company. Good luck on your exams! Study elsewhere.

  2. Rating

    I purchased this book several months ago and have been studying even since. My test is in a week – so last night I put the CD in my computer – to do some of the review exams – well it go stuck in my computer!!! I never had this happen before – it’s been a day and I still can’t get the stupid this out!!! I used to be a computer programmer before I was a CMT and believe me – when I said I have tried everything – I mean EVERYTHING! So beware – I don’t know if the book is any good because I haven’t taken the test yet – but a day I would have spent studying – I’m now fighting with my computer!!!