The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist; simple and effective business, marketing, and ethics education for a successful career in Massage Therapy

The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist; simple and effective business, marketing, and ethics education for a successful career in Massage Therapy

The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist; simple and effective business, marketing, and ethics education for a successful career in Massage Therapy Rating:
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“[The Magic Touch] should be handed out to every student on the first day of Massage school. It is an incredible [resource].” – Rob West “Run on over to and get “The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist” and be a part of the next revolution of Massage Therapists who want something more than struggling to get by… if this book doesn’t get you to start thinking about how to break down any resistance [you may have about] making money… maybe it is time for another career.” – Julie Onofrio In these pages you will uncover the secrets to earning $100,000 per year, while working as little as twenty hours per week. Discover which clients sustain through a slow economy and how to effectively market to this demographic on a shoestring budget. You’ll even uncover the essential “do’s and don’ts” as offered by the highest paying clients from around the world. “The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist” is filled with these revelations and more… Whether you want to learn how to average $100 per hour, grow a medical massage practice, build a celebrity clientele, learn the essentials of giving a world-class Deep Tissue massage, overcome the fear of medical billing, or be inspired by the author’s ‘rubs to riches’ tale to take the leap- and build your own lucrative massage business… this is the book for you!


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  1. Robin A. Ojala says


    Just got this book yesterday and finished it already. It is full of practical advice and marketing ideas based on experiences from someone who has actually achieved success in the crazy business as a self-employed massage therapist. It is a must read for MTs who want to be paid what they are worth! Thanks for sharing Meagan!

  2. S. Flagg says


    I think massage school doesn’t quite prepare you for what the real world of massage is like. I feel Meagan did a great job to give creative ways to build an upscale clientele and connect with the medical community. I have taken a lot out of this book because I too struggle with the day to day life of massage and how it should bring you financial stability as well as fulfillment. I work very hard and would like to work smarter not harder. Thank you Meagan for helping with a bit of perspective.

  3. J. Owens says


    I am normally not a review writer..first one.

    But as a new graduate and LMT who has not begun a practice of my own yet.

    I found much comfort in Meagan’s shared in depth experiences, advice and suggestions.

    You can tell she definitely wants you to succeed. No holding back of her knowledge which is very much appreciated.

    I just finished it and feel I need to go through and make sure I got it all.

    While I wish I could sit down with her and get some extra questions answered that her ideas sparked. I feel that this book was well worth my money and highly recommend it. Made a a bit less scared to start putting one foot in front of the other and see where I end up.

    It will feel like you have a very positive cheerleader on your side. Also I left a comment on her blog(Her website , same title as her book, is informative as well) and she personally wrote back which I find not a very common practice in this too busy world.

  4. Annie L. Moore says


    I feel validated by Meagan! It’s difficult to be different and I am in so many ways, one of which is intuitiveness. I felt as though a close friend was sitting next to me on my couch explaining how she made her massage business work by giving me the horrid details of what she had to dredge through to get there. It’s as though she wanted me to succeed and not have to visit the dark places she has been, like she wanted me to learn from her experiences. Not many people are willing to share what they worked so hard to achieve.

    I may not be able to use all the helpful suggestions that Meagan gives but you can bet she got me thinking outside the box. I have a new perspective of how others view me and my business now. She and I may live in quite different communities, however, several of her ideas are applicable anywhere.

    With an open mind and fortitude we can all succeed in this business at whatever income level makes us comfortable. Meagan decided that six figures was comfortable for her and she went out and got it. Way to go Meagan! Thank you for your vulnerability, `friendship’, and insight!

  5. Rating

    As a concerned father of a soon-to-be Massage Therapist, I bought a copy of this book for my daughter, as she recently graduated from Massage School and it has been a difficult time for her in the current economy. I found the first couple of pages interesting enough that I ended up reading the entire book, myself. As a result, I learned an incredible amount of information on how to support my daughter throughout her new profession. More importantly, my daughter LOVES the book too. She says it has reinstated the basics that her school taught her AND addressed a myriad of topics her school didn’t cover that are important to her success and safety as a Massage Therapist.

    In my opinion, the author, Meagan Holub, has succeeded in bringing to light the many uncomfortable situations that can arise in this profession, and how to stop them before they happen. Both my daughter and I felt like “The Magic Touch: How to Make $100,000 per year” was speaking directly to our fears and worries. After reading it, she feels confident that she can make a great living at this, and I feel much more confident that she has made the right decision for herself in choosing Massage as a career. I don’t worry about her safety anymore and she’s taking steps to bring in more money. There’s a lot less worry in our household thanks to the message in this book.

    All-in-all this book is a very honest, intelligent and (for lack of a better word) “cool” read for anyone who wants to understand the complexities of being a Massage Therapist in the world today written by someone who has been on both sides of the coin.

  6. BookBookMan says


    I got my book a yesterday and read through it right away. This book really helped open my eyes to so many more possibilities. Reading it seems like it’s a conversation that you would have with your Mentor. The Author has had a lot of experiece in the massage world and it shows in her book. She’s telling you all of her secrets.

    I got the book because since the economy tanked the amount of new clients I get declined and my base of clients started cutting back, I need revamp and expand my business. The book has opened my eyes and helped me see past the limitations of how I have my practice set up. I can’t wait to employ the new ideas I have.

    I wish that I would have had this book when I graduated from massage school 2 years ago. I have a friend going through Massage School right now and I’ve already bought her a book and sent it to her.

    I don’t think this book will leave my office book shelf as it is an easy grab and simple to read, yet packed with very useful/practical information.

  7. S. Middendorf says


    Meagan is awsome!!! If you ever wondered how other therapist are making it, stop. This book puts you next to a successful business owner. My school was great for teaching basic massage,the greatness stopped there. Meagan has done a great job explaining the business end of a practice.The first couple of chapters refreshed my practice and gave me new perspective. I think every School should have this on the required reading list. Stop wasting money and time and read this book.

  8. says


    I’ve brought this book into my business of massage class I teach on numerous occasions to help reinforce what I tell my students. Sometimes you need some artillery to get your message across and this book has all the ammo that you need.

  9. Book Fan and Biz Owner says


    A friend suggested I read this book, which was surprising, since I am an entrepreneur in the music industry. But I am so glad she did! Meagan’s advice and go-getter attitude not only inspired me, but gave helpful real life tips like which credit card processor to use and how to handle difficult customers. I truly believe that anyone who reads this book, especially massage therapists, will learn tools to improve their technique and bottom line. Also, it’s a quick, fun read packed with excellent information!

  10. Rachel McIntyre says


    As a a newly minted L.M.T., I have been busy devouring any information I find regarding my profession. I went to a wonderful school where we were taught some about marketing and had local massage therapists and spa owners come in to speak with us about the industry and our profession. However, I felt the information shared was rather general and was not very helpful if I wanted to seriously pursue my dream of private practice. I decided to open my own practice within a few months of graduating. My former life was spent as a business administrator so I felt confident I could manage my own business. Still, I wanted some validation that I am moving in the correct direction toward a successful career. Being that we are rather solitary professionals, I found it difficult to find the validation I desired. Then I stumbled upon “The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist” and I am so happy I did!

    Ms. Holub took the bull by the horns and outlined everything a budding massage therapist might want to consider implementing into his or her practice or even one’s own professional image. In her book, Ms. Holub shares valuable information gleamed from her own clients. I found that information invaluable and felt good that I was already doing much of what she suggests. She even made me reconsider some of my approaches with clients.

    I found the information regarding how to break into hotel massage and private practice most insightful. I had already made the decision early on that I would not be interested in pursuing the hotel industry as I am a busy mother of three. However, if I was single and filled with energy I would have considered the hotel industry as a way to build up clientel. If you want information on how to navigate the hotel industry, Ms. Holub’s information is valuable. As for private practice, I was already trying to figure out how to draw in more clients. A few of the ideas I had were validated in Ms. Holub’s book. Better still, she gave sound advice on how to pursue new avenues for bringing in more clients. I am already successfully implementing some of her suggestions.

    Bottom line regarding “The Magic Touch: How to make $100,000 per year as a Massage Therapist” is that it is worth your time. I know I could have really benefited from the information in this book a year ago when I first started out. Now that I have been at if for awhile, it is good to know I am heading in the right direction and have discovered little ways I can tweak my practice into a very successful business.

    Thank you, Ms. Holub for extending a hand in a solitary profession, helping us all succeed the best we can!