Deep Tissue Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

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This massage video covers the hips, back, belly, shoulders & neck. Learn to alleviate pain with 53 highly effective neuromuscular techniques! Get a 3-dimensional view of the muscles, which have been modeled out of clay and feature computer generated trigger point referral overlays. This great video not only covers neuromuscular therapy, but includes functional assessment work, so you know where to work, and how. Along with range of motion and resistive tests, you will learn basic postural evaluation techniques. As part of a comprehensive treatment protocol, discover how to work on the tendons, ligaments and muscles with effective neuromuscular and deep tissue strokes. Finally complete the work with stretches. Comes with a 17 page booklet that mirrors the techniques shown in the video.


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  1. Work of Life says


    This is more geared to the student of massage. If you have the patience for the technical details of neuromuscular technique, then this video is for you, if you want your husband to learn how to give you a good back massage, keep looking ;-).

  2. Rating

    It is great for reviewing your deep work, however i wish it went over trigger points better. The booklet is very helpful for a quick reference.

  3. Yvette Gonzalez says


    This DVD is well worth the money spent. Very informative, lots of tips and great specific explanation of the muscles and techniques.

  4. Svetlana Shubina says


    If you do not have it, buy it. Detail oriented DVD that helpful for a lot of cases. I learn a lot from it.

  5. Kristen L. Hedene says


    This dvd has great info that I could put to use in my practice right away.