Massage Therapy for Professionals

Massage Therapy for Professionals

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Professional Massage Therapy has long been a secret to the general public but now the secrets are revealed through this video. Our video class is taught by a massage therapist instructor with over 20 years of teaching who prepares massage students to take state certification tests. While each state has a different certification of registration procedures for therapists, the principles and knowledge are the same no matter where you go. This video shows you what you've always wanted to know. See what up until now could only be seen by enrolling in a professional massage therapy school taking many months and severals hundreds of dollars in fees. We bring the hidden techniques of massage therapy to you for use in the comfort of your own home. You can even watch this instructional video over and over again to improve and perfect on yoru massage therapy technique.


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  1. Rating

    My spouse bought this DVD especially for me and it was the best gift ever. I watched it and then I made him watch it and we both started practicing on each other and we found such pleasure in the relaxation mode that this sends you into. Then we discovered all the sore spots and we made them disappear. Then we found each other. What a wonderful experience and it all started with a gift.

  2. Rating

    I was very pleased with this video, and found it to be informative and very helpful. It makes no assumptions of what the audience knows, and explains every step thoroughly and in depth. Very good buy, and I am glad I purchased this video.

  3. Rating

    I highly recommend this. It’s worth the money. It saved me both time and money not having to spend time away in a lab.

  4. J. Statham says


    This was the last video of a number of DVDs I bought from this company. I think they’re all great.

    I’ve learned a lot and I keep on learning.

    Thank you

  5. Anonymous says


    I used my dads account and bought this a birthday present for mom. she relly liked it and dads happy with it too.

  6. P. Garton says


    This is a great dvd for those that either want to “kick it up a notch” or “take it to another level”. This dvd covers the basic briefly and then focuses on giving instruction on everything from strokes, techniques and pressure points to anatomy, physiology and muscle/bone structure. Very educational and good reminders even for the experienced.

  7. Rating

    This dvd/vhs tape is great for learning more than just techniques and strokes. This dvd teaches you about the anatomy, muscle and bone structure and physiology of the human person. I found this to be helpful in refreshing my memory.

  8. Geraldine says


    My sister is a professional and I bought this for her. She loves it. She said that every therapist should have this in their library for reference. I watched it too. It makes me want to become a pro. It’s well done and easy to understand. I made my sister happy with this gift and now she’s buying it as a gift for several of her therapist friends for Christmas!

  9. Stacy Wagner says


    I’m not a professional but I wanted to know what the ins and outs of massage therapy were so I could give a really good massage. This was the best tape! It gave me a complete overview without having to pay to go to school (which I can’t afford at this time) I also got the Basic tape so with the two of them together, I’m set! I feel very confident when I give a massage to my family or friends thanks to these two tapes! I can’t say enough good things about them.

  10. Hyun Ju Ahn says


    Very helpful, who just start their career as a massage therapist this dvd helps those to get more skills. Recommended