Massage with Confidence

Massage with Confidence

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Massage with Confidence is a massage therapy video unlike any other. A combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Hawaiian and Trigger Point work, Massage with Confidence will give you all of the tools you'll need to start giving professional-quality massages. This video has everything you'll need to learn how to massage. It contains beginning, intermediate and advanced massage techniques. You'll even learn to use your elbows for deep work! The video is 60 minutes in length and includes some anatomy, physiology and endangerment areas in simple, easy-to-understand language. You've never seen a video this complete! Massage therapy schools across the USA have made Massage with Confidence a part of their teaching curriculum because it shows massage as a sequence that is easy to follow and gives their students a massage routine that is preferred by thousands around the world. If you choose one massage therapy video, Massage with Confidence should be it.


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  1. Aloha Hands says


    The video starts out with short, but helpful and clear, instructions, preparations and advice for performing massage (setting, technique, anatomy and contraindications). Then, it flows into a full body massage routine, starting with the back. The routine is fairly typical Swedish with a hint of deep work and personal style mixed in. Each body group is preceded with a short anatomy and endangerment area lesson. Every technique is narrated by Mr. Haase, with soft instrumental background music. Side laying massage is demonstrated and explained as well. The video is ends with a list of Conditions, that can be massaged… Conditions not to be massaged. Miss Karina Jones is the “model” used in the video (many accolades to her). Thank you Mr. Haase, for a pleasant, very well prepared demonstration video.

  2. Dean Thomas says


    Finally, a professional massage video that is informative and easy to understand. I knew nothing about massage, now I feel like a professional. Thanks you. I have recommended the video to all my friends. P.S. My wife thanks you also!

  3. Anonymous says


    I am a professional massage therapist, and have purchased several of the massage instruction tapes offered on Amazon.
    (I find it’s helpful to watch other therapists work—I’ve picked up several new techniques this way.)
    This tape is the best out there, period. It’s not a substitute for professional training, but to get you going, it’s very good.

  4. Judith E. Pavluvcik says


    I was skeptical at first, and thought that this would just be “another” standard massage video. Boy, was I soon proved wrong!!! This is indeed, a high quality video, including not only the live demonstration, but also the information, contraindications, and muscle knowledge. I watched this video at least 3 times, to make sure that I was getting the techniques down correctly and quickly added various new techniques to my massage.

    Mr. Hasse was clear, concise, and right on the mark with all of his information. I am a stickler for details and found that the camera angles were excellent and one could quickly pick up on any of the techniques. I was also impressed with his method of draping that was less cumbersome than what I was used to.

    I highly recommend this video to the novice as well as to the experienced therapist.

  5. Rating

    I own a large number of massage videos & dvds, but this is the best I’ve found. It is very comprehensive and gives instructions for the most complete massage I’ve ever seen, hands down. The camara shots/angles are so excellent that even a novice can learn to confidently give massage from them. The background is pleasant without being distracting and avoids being boring. It is also the most classic I’ve found, the program was recorded in 1993 and yet because of the background and the apparel worn it remains pretty undated looking.

    But be aware that this is not the type of program that you could easily just follow along with to do a massage because he often does just one side of the body. However, this is a teaching video, and the best of it’s kind. If you wanted to do a massage following along you would have to replay sections so as to do both sides of the body. But I don’t find this to be a negative. The instructions are so clear and concise it is easy after just a few viewings to understand the technique. The program is just under an hour long and even goes into often neglected areas of face, scalp, chest and abdomen. Most programs avoid the abdomen. This really is a complete full-body massage avoiding only the breasts (on a woman) and the genetals. Everything else is explained and demonstrated. This is the one program that is a must in my library.

  6. Benjamin Stevenson says


    I am so impressed with your video, Massage with Confidence. To finally find a video that teaches so many wonderful techniques is refreshing. Although I’ve been a massage therapist for several years, this video showed me great techniques that I was never taught in school. Thank you for such a well-done production with so many useful tools. I am recommending this video to all of my clients as well as other massage therapists. Great job, Mr. Haase!

  7. Washington State Native says


    I’ve been receiving massage for many years and I wish I could have the experience of a complete massage such as this. He incorporates alot of techniques that really make the whole experience all encompassing, along with clear instruction on strokes, finger work, method, draping, muscles, areas to avoid.

  8. Katie Naismith says


    Over the years I’ve collected numerous massage videos. I’ve been disappointed that most are either sensual in nature, or don’t show enough advanced techniques. With Massage with Confidence, I found a gold mine.

    The massage sequence shown was amazing. It was a wonderful combination of gentle, soothing strokes and deeper techniques. Robert (the guy on the video) even used his elbows for deep pressure. I was impressed also by the clear instruction that he gave with each technique.

    This video gave me some basic anatomy and physiology to understand what I was going to massage, but even more important, it showed me the “caution” areas so I don’t hurt anyone.

    If you buy just one video, make it this one.

  9. B Mistele says


    My husband and I bought this tape to take our massage exchanges to a higher level. We were pleased with the professional quality and instruction presented in the tape. We love the way this tape breaks down each area of the body, showing areas for work and areas to avoid. After years of receiving professional massages, it was interesting to see some new approaches. The instructor is obviously an experienced professional!

    Our whole family watched this tape first on a Sunday afternoon, cuddling up on the couch (including our 3-1/2 yr old). The music was very nice and it was very relaxing. We found ourselves wishing that Robert Haase worked in our area of the country so we could have him as our massage therapist!

    All in all, we feel we learned a lot from the tape. We will be watching it over and over to learn more. We recommend it highly to anyone wishing to learn more about massage. If we could ask for any additional instruction, it would be for more extensive instruction on how to use hands and fingers in different strokes. Alas, no one tape can do everything.

  10. Monica Oothout says


    I am currently attending massage school and I have been introduced to a variety of techniques! (More than I care to mention!) Take it from me, the most wonderful thing about this video is that Robert does not focus solely on one modality. Instead, he incorporates a variety of techniques. I have purchased other videos on massage – as learning tools – and have found the majority of them to be mundane and perfunctory. I love the fact that Robert is not afraid to “work the body”. Meaning that he is not so concerned with practicalities of draping, etc. It is amazing how people can loose their modesty if they feel that they are in the hands of a professional with professional intent; and once they realize the wonderful feeling (not to mention value) of incorporating several body parts at once, that their massage experience is all the more satisfying. I highly recommend this tape to beginners and to those who have been practicing for some time. Sometimes, we think that we have the recipe for a perfect massage, but seeing someone else’s techinque can really make a profound difference in our application. Don’t skip over this one!