The Complete Massage Pack: Basic & Professional Massage Therapy v2.0

The Complete Massage Pack: Basic & Professional Massage Therapy v2.0

The Complete Massage Pack: Basic & Professional Massage Therapy v2.0 Rating:
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The Complete Massage Pack: Basic & Professional Massage Therapy version 2.0 - Enhanced Version

Now with enhanced menus and DVD features

This is a combo pack of of two most popular massage instructional videos. This two video set takes the viewer from no knowledge of massage up through and including what professional therapists understand.

The massage therapy instructional DVD is the full-unabridged version of our basic massage video and teaches the techniques used by professional massage therapists in everything from Swedish massage to deep tissue and pressure point therapy.

The video is narrated and demonstrated by a certified massage therapist instructor with years of training and professional experience. The video skillfully covers all the basic introductory massage techniques and shows some advanced maneuvers while providing all the tools necessary to learn the healing art of massage. This video is a great instructional device whether the intent is massaging for fun or pursuing massage therapy as a career.

Professional Massage Therapy has long been a secret to the general public but now the secrets are revealed through this video. In this video class is taught by a massage therapist instructor with over 20 years of teaching who prepares massage students to take state certification tests. While each state has different certification or registration procedures for therapists, the principles and knowledge are the same no matter where you go.

This video shows you what you've always wanted to know. See what up until now could only be seen by enrolling in a professional massage therapy school taking many months and several hundreds of dollars in fees. We bring the hidden techniques of massage therapy to you for use in the comfort of your own home. You can even watch this instructional video over and over again to improve and perfect on your massage therapy technique.


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  1. Anonymous says


    This is a great learning tool for learning Swedish massage and some trigger points. There is nothing like seeing it done physically as opposed to seeing it in a book. The video is done well and I used it to help me get through massage school. I also found it as a helpful reference when I studied for the National Certification Examination for Massage and Bodywork. I also found the following excellent preparation sources for the national certification exam.
    Patrick Leonardi’s “The Ultimate Study Guide for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork: Key Review Questions and Answers” Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3. The study guides were so complete for the type of questions encountered on the national exam. This is a must buy for anyone taking the National Certification Exam. These books helped me to pass the first time.

  2. California Transplant says


    Nice video set for those who want to learn about massage. I just wish I would have seen it earlier.

  3. My Pen Name says


    I bought a video by this company and my boyfriend and I had such a good time with it I decided to give this a try. I’m glad I did. I’m half way through the first DVD but I’m taking my time at it…

  4. I. Samuel says


    This is a very well organized video and explained what I wanted to know about basic massage techniques. It is good to own a video like this, since you will not remember everything you see the first time. I have not had a chance to see the Professional Massage video. This seems to be a lot more detailed with pictures and so on

  5. Rating

    Loved the full-unabridged version. So easy to understand for us – the older generation. I was very impressed. The secret is out. Massage Therapy is for everyone now. Thanks to this wonderful Massage Pack.

  6. Power Lifter says


    i don’t have a lot of time to waste so i bought this and a couple other massage related products. I really liked this and learned a lot.

    i recommend this to novice beginers like me

  7. Rating

    These two dvds really do cover a wide range of massage techniques. The Basic Massage dvd is best to base your routine around. The Professional Massage dvd goes into more technical detail with names of different muscles and tissues. The Professional Massage dvd also goes one step further and gives some tips on setting up your own massage business. The reason why I give this product only 4 stars is the production quality is poor, especially on the Professional Massage dvd. The picture quality is grainy and when the instructer points to notes on a dry erase board, the picture is so over-lighted that you can not read parts of the board. However, this dvd is still worth the cost for all the information that you get. For those people who are interested in massage therapy as a career, I also suggest the book “Massage Therapy Career Guide” by Steve Capellini (ISBN: 1562533827). This book covers all the behind the scenes business to becomming a massage therapist. One of the best parts of the book gives tips on massage tests. I have yet to find anything more nerve racking than giving a test massage to a potential future employer, but this section takes a lot of tension out of the situation. Other great features include liability insurance, taxes, third-party billing, dream and nightmare days in the life a massage therapist and the Resource section is lengthy, concise and filled with addresses, phone numbers and URLs.

  8. J. Statham says


    I am enrolled in the study of massage therapy in school, and have been looking for a video to help supplement my career field. This is absolutely the best video I have come across so far. It wraps up the basic techniques of massage therapy, and also let me know what to expect as I enter the career field.

    So glad I ran across this, I am recommending it to all my classmates and my teacher as well. Thanks again!

  9. C. Griffth says


    A bit of a let down on expectations -epecially on content. This is not a professionally constructed dvd. -So don’t build your hopes up too high like I did. (Expected a brief but concise guide on massage basic and professional techniques. -Example types of strokes, demonstrations of each type of strokes, muscles targeted with ones actions, -perhaps a brief on chronological coordination and timing oneself for a full body 1hr session, etc. –you get the picture -expected it to be a sufficient preparation DVD for a student, etc. Instead it is wanting/’lacking’ -even from the ‘professional’ DVD.# In some cases of the video’s demonstrations, instructor’s hands are not directly visible to the camera. Prior to purchase, based on reviews, was originally willing to overlook image video quality for content. However, not satisfied with content. Video lacks sequence/ structure and is not fluid and does not give the option to be, in the basic DVD -so that’s a bit annoying. -For the price and hype, expected different.

    Would not recommend as a first buy DVD or foundation DVD for a student -Won’t get you mentally prepared for what is ahead of you at massage academy. …-The acupressure highlights were interesting but not much to brag about. the anatomy/physiology highlights were really limited/basic. #-A text book has more appeal.# Overall review; So very sorry to say but honestly; “Long, boring and unco-ordinated” P.s.. it’s like a low-budget movie doesn’t seem like much effort was put into it as could have been….-Have seen better mini-clips in terms of content on YouTube. Doesn’t make for a handy reference DVD. :-S -If you’re like me, you won’t like it. -And it really disappoints me to say that. Would have loved to have given a better review but if I have to be honest, I truely can’t on this one. On a positive note I won’t bash the seller cause delivery was timely, and in that respect, service was good. My issue is with the video(s) itself. (Not sure if this was supposed to come as an accompaniment to a textbook cuz it was labled that way on the package, but I only got the the 2 DVDs in the case -and it didn’t seem like an original either.)

    (Is any one from a student’s-need perspective able to make a better recommendation of a more useful DVD to serve as a good/an excellent reference guide in your student library?) In other purchases, I really do appreciate Steve Capellini’s book ‘Massage Therapy Career Guide’ and the All inclusive Sierra Comfort Portable Massage Table (-With a slight reservation on the construction material when folding, but it’s stable when standing -considering accessories makes a good

  10. P. Garton says


    this is a really good combination set that takes you from beginning to end and teaches you things about massage that even some schools don’t teach, from what I hear from a massage therapist who went to a school. I gave her my dvd to view and she said, “I didn’t know about that”, and “I learned this from the dvd”. You could save lots of time and money using the dvd’s as your learning base, I think.