Massage Therapy Schools reach out to Military Veterans

Massage therapy students gain the most knowledge of their new trade while working with live patients, usually in a clinical setting at a massage school or college. For one set of students attending the massage program at Eglin Community College are getting the opportunity to practice their new skills while serving a special group of clients. At a job fair, the students will reach out to veterans … [Read more...]

Experts Weigh-In on Massage Therapy School Clinics

As part of massage therapy training in the United States, students are required to complete a certain number of hours actually practicing what they have learned on real clients. This typically takes place in a school clinic, where students work on clients while under the supervision of a certified massage therapy instructor. The value of this part of training is something that is difficult to … [Read more...]

Possible Boost for Massage Therapy Schools in Idaho

In most states, licensing as a massage therapist involves many hours in a classroom at an accredited massage therapy school and real-life training under the gaze of an experience instructor. Schools generally provide plenty of opportunities for students to learn about the scenarios they may face in the profession, but in states that don’t require licensure, not all therapists have undergone this … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy School Drums Up Interest

A popular massage therapy school in the Northeastern United States recently announced the success of several initiatives the school conducted in 2011. The National Massage Therapy Institute experienced an increase in the number of individuals interested in their massage therapy programs across the school’s four campuses. The massage therapy school announced that in 2011, they began a series … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Schools and Discounted Massage Services

A massage therapy school with four locations in the U.S. is offering public massages at discounted rates. The massage therapy school of the National Massage Therapy Institute is providing discounted massaged at any of its campuses. The massage therapy school’s student clinics offer professional massages at a fraction of the cost to the public as a way to give graduating students the … [Read more...]