Leaders Gather to Discuss Massage Therapy School Training

A national organization has gathered the brightest minds in the field of massage therapy education to discuss national standards for massage therapy classes. The object of the work group is to determine which skills are the most important early in a graduate’s massage career and the lessons that should be included in college. (Wired PR News) Rick Garbowski, co-founder of Georgia Massage School, … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Schools reach out to Military Veterans

Massage therapy students gain the most knowledge of their new trade while working with live patients, usually in a clinical setting at a massage school or college. For one set of students attending the massage program at Eglin Community College are getting the opportunity to practice their new skills while serving a special group of clients. At a job fair, the students will reach out to veterans … [Read more...]

Sports Massage Therapy Students Gear Up for Race

A group of students in a sports massage therapy program at Minsthrope Community College are getting ready to put their skills to use at a relay race to benefit non-profit organization Help for Heroes. In addition to raising funds, the students will gain valuable massage therapy experience by providing care to relay race members throughout the event. (HSE Express) PHYSIOthErapy students are … [Read more...]

Massage School Launches New Website

A leading massage therapy school recently launched a new website for its campus in Colorado. The Healing Arts Institute has been a school in Colorado for over 20 years and is launching the site to “provide a better visitor experience”. (Webwire) Executives at the Healing Arts Institute today announced the upcoming launch of a new massage school website.  The new site, which is almost complete, … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy School Expands Course Offering

A small massage therapy school program at a community college is expanding its course offerings this year. According to a local publication, the program is still small but the market demand in the area continues to increase. This is typical of the job market for massage therapists in the last few years, a trend that the BLS expects to continue. (Pueblo Chieftain) The course load is growing next … [Read more...]

Health Advocates Validate Massage Therapy Schools

As made apparent by the significant increases in massage therapy jobs out there and increased enrollment in massage therapy schools, there are serious health benefits associated with massage therapy. So much so, that the demand for massage therapy is at an all-time high in many pockets of the world. Schools around the nation have long taught that the art of massage is a truly beneficial form of … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Schools Grow Amid Reports on Distinct Health Benefits

As if the growing trend for consumers to use massage as a means of pain relief weren’t enough to bolster new application numbers at massage therapy schools across the nation, a new report by the AMTA shows sound evidence of the clinical benefits to massage. These revelations do much to stimulate the economic influences of massage, including the new job opportunities that will attract students to … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Schools Highlight Industry Statistics

Massage therapy schools in Las Vegas were reaching out to licensed massage therapists (LMTs) and potential massage therapy students at a job fair last month, highlighting the industry’s growth. Massage therapy is a popular platform for adult professionals who are looking to retrain in a new skill set to help beat some of the challenges presented by a struggling job market. A press release about … [Read more...]

Experts Weigh-In on Massage Therapy School Clinics

As part of massage therapy training in the United States, students are required to complete a certain number of hours actually practicing what they have learned on real clients. This typically takes place in a school clinic, where students work on clients while under the supervision of a certified massage therapy instructor. The value of this part of training is something that is difficult to … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Educators Weigh in on Regulation

In many cities across the United States, all that is required to open a massage therapy business is a license with the city. Without regulatory standards that require education at a massage therapy school, certification or licensing tests, and an annual approval process, massage therapy businesses that are less than professional can crop up and ruin business for the bona fide therapists in the … [Read more...]