Massage Therapy School Going to the Dogs?

People love their pets, and it seems to be enough love to warrant a brand new trend in the massage therapy realm – massage therapy schools for teaching pet therapy. Canine massage is the focus of one new school on Cape Coral, where students learn how to service a new section of the masseuse’s clientele. (Lehigh Acres Citizen) A new and unique business has opened this week in Cape Coral - a … [Read more...]

The Traits of a Successful Massage Therapy Student

Success in massage therapy school hinges on the student’s attention to the detailed workings of the human body and how massage therapy can help alleviate some of the body’s most common aches and pains. However, traits such as communication, attention to personal well-being, and patient comfort are equally important in a massage therapy setting. Massage therapy schools do more to prepare … [Read more...]

Instructor at Massage Therapy School Rides for HIV

As enrollment slots and job opportunities continue to open up for massage therapy students, some school leaders are setting the example of charity for others. The Acupressure Institute is one of the many schools leading an initiative that sends the message to students that charity is part of the healing process. (PRWEB) May 17, 2012 – The Acupressure Institute, a Bay Area massage therapy … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Schools Highlight Industry Statistics

Massage therapy schools in Las Vegas were reaching out to licensed massage therapists (LMTs) and potential massage therapy students at a job fair last month, highlighting the industry’s growth. Massage therapy is a popular platform for adult professionals who are looking to retrain in a new skill set to help beat some of the challenges presented by a struggling job market. A press release about … [Read more...]

Student Massages Relieve Stress during Exams

Every year, thousands of college students learn the very meaning of the word “stress” as they prepare to take exams that could make or break their college career in an instant. Some schools are helping out the student body with game rooms and activities to help relieve the tension leading up to exam day, but as an article from Knox News points out – nothing beats a good massage: Knox News - For … [Read more...]

Experts Weigh-In on Massage Therapy School Clinics

As part of massage therapy training in the United States, students are required to complete a certain number of hours actually practicing what they have learned on real clients. This typically takes place in a school clinic, where students work on clients while under the supervision of a certified massage therapy instructor. The value of this part of training is something that is difficult to … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Educators Weigh in on Regulation

In many cities across the United States, all that is required to open a massage therapy business is a license with the city. Without regulatory standards that require education at a massage therapy school, certification or licensing tests, and an annual approval process, massage therapy businesses that are less than professional can crop up and ruin business for the bona fide therapists in the … [Read more...]

Career Fair Offers Peek into Massage Therapy Student Futures

A massage therapy school in Las Vegas hosted a job fair yesterday to get students acquainted with their future employers and to let the public know about their massage therapy program. As pointed out by their press release, massage therapy schools are becoming more popular thanks to a loosening job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a steady incline in the number of open jobs for … [Read more...]

CAM Therapy Could Add to Curriculum in Massage Therapy Schools

CAM, or complementary and alternative medicine, is a “new” way of looking at total health care in the medical industry. CAM care involves blending all possible modes of treatment to provide the greatest chance for overall improvement in a patient’s health condition. This isn’t a new concept to massage therapy schools, instructors, or students – but is one more way in which massage therapy is … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Training: Trade Schools vs. Colleges

Massage therapy schools can vary in their physical size, student body, and accommodations for both students and patrons of a school’s massage clinic. As individuals explore their options and begin the selection process, it will often become obvious that there are two primary choices in most regions of the country: Do you choose a trade school that specializes in massage or should you enroll in the … [Read more...]