California Massage Therapy Laws Could Cause Increased College Enrollments

Back in the late 1990’s, Palo Alto California decided to implement ordinances meant to curb the misuse of massage parlors in the city and created a voluntary licensing system with little oversight. This year, the city is expected to vote on updated ordinances that would enforce oversight laws, allowing the state to step in as a regulatory agency while minimizing massage therapy school training … [Read more...]

New Hampshire Deregulation Bill Saves Massage Therapy Schools

New Hampshire Deregulation Bill Saves Massage Therapy Schools Late last year, New Hampshire law makers introduced a bill to deregulate some of the industries in the state, including cosmetology and massage therapy schools. The bill failed in the house on Thursday, brining a sigh of relief from massage therapy schools and a number of other technical education institutions in the … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy School Convention Kicks Off in February

A massage therapy school convention will be held in Chicago next month to help institutions remain competitive in the ever-growing industry of education. The convention is hosted by the American Massage Therapy Association and titled the 2012 Massage Therapy Schools Summit. This is an annual event held by the AMTA and will take place in the middle of February, 2012. Each year, the Massage … [Read more...]