Massage Therapists: True Business-Minded Health Professionals

Massage therapy schools teach more than just the basics of massage these days; they are focusing more and more on business ethics and practical business skills. Why? Because more and more massage therapists are flying solo- that is, they are opening their own business. It is an important juncture in massage therapy and some in the business would say that it is a landmark turning event for the … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Schools: Learning Sports Massage

Sports massage therapists get to work with professional sports teams, many of which retain a full time therapist who is on call and ready to get their players back in the game. Massage therapists graduating from an accredited massage therapy school have many opportunities to get into a niche field within their industry. With the right preparation and training, massage therapists can go on to earn … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Classes: Learning Acupuncture

Acupuncture classes are offered in massage therapy schools that provide a full range of massage therapy programs that include both western and eastern philosophies in the healing arts. While it is still considered an alternative form of health care in the United States, acupuncture has been a staple of Chinese medicine for centuries. Acupuncture classes teach massage therapy students the skills … [Read more...]

Career Perks: Massage Therapy Classes for Resort Employment

There a many areas of industry in which massage therapy school graduates can explore and enter into the workforce. Students who have the desire to work in the vacation and resort industries are rewarded for their hard work and long hours with unique perks they won’t find working in a regular massage clinic or spa. Resort massage therapist have to go through the same training as all other … [Read more...]

What is Oncology Massage Therapy School?

Oncology massage therapy is a growing field of massage therapy, earning street credentials in the industry of massage therapy and oncology as a viable way to incorporate the mind-body healing arts into traditional cancer treatments. Eastern philosophy has long acknowledged the connection between disease and massage, producing some of the most effective methods of massage therapy used by western … [Read more...]